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    aspiration bubbles

    So I finally started aspirating, but am a bit unsure. When drawing back on my last calf inject, I drew air bubbles, same with my glute and thigh, but then am afraid to shoot the bubbles back in. I figure they gotta come from somewhere, but they're the first things goin back in, and I don't feel right about puttin a little pocket of air in my muscle and then maybe fillin it up. Maybe I'm pulling back to hard on my draw? Or maybe their ok to shoot?

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    If theres no blood youre fine.

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    Nothin wrong with shootin a lil air in your muslces.

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    You only need to worry if you pull out blood. Aspirating is definately safe. Most of my friends don't and I've told them time after time they should but some people don't learn until they have a big scare. I def. aspirate w/ no questions asked.

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    a lil bit of air boubles are fine... as long as theres not blood your in good shape, if you draw a lil bouboes its fine to push them back in... the hard part with me is aspirating with a 25g pin and trying to hold the pin and pull back at the same time. i feel like a sped but i get the job done.. and if you aspirate and everythings fine but when you draw out and a lil blood comes out probly just you went through a vein...

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    Right. NOT air, just vaccuum. When you let the plunger back in, notice how they disappear? You can observe the same effect drawing really hard on a vial.

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