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    Advise on when to start

    I've got all my gear, test e @400 wk, and deca @ 300 wk. Diet is in and pct planned. I want to start ASAP, but here is my problem - bachlor party in Vegas.
    I'm going on the first weekend of may, and since they both take a while to kick in, when is the soonest I could start? I know I will drink, but I won't go too crazy. And eating right might be more of a problem.

    I know most people will say just to wait until I get back but I'm sure if I do my first dose on the Thursday before I leave it wouldn't be a problem, so how soon before that?

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    bachlor party in l.v i would not start till you get back home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsxxr
    bachlor party in l.v i would not start till you get back home.
    that s the ticket

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