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    trouble breathing....

    hey bros,

    Ive encountered some problems as of late. I have been on some EQ and test cyp and ena combo. this is what it looks like

    600mg test
    400mg eq

    Im in week 6 right now and I have just recently broke out in a rash and I have trouble breathing every soo often. I have bouts of uncontrollable itching in certain spots and also I have trouble breathing right now as we speak kinda of like i have asthma attacks. The only problem is I have never been diagnosed once with asthma. The bad thing is I have to take ephedrine to open my airways just to breath. PLEASE HELP!!

    P.S. I have narrowed this down to either the Eq or I went tanning not too long ago and thats when it all started but I haven gone tanning in days and its still here what should i do

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    Is this your first cycle ?

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    have you been takeing the eca stack from day 1.

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    could be the ephedrine but could also be high blood pressure. go see a doc!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ***xxx***
    could be the ephedrine but could also be high blood pressure. go see a doc!
    i agree

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    Drop the eca immediately.

    Go to Long's and buy a blood pressure gauge (about $80, get one that comfortably goes around your biceps).

    Check you bp, morning, noon and before bed. If your bp is high, all three times, see a doc.

    The bp meter is a good thing to have if you are using AAS anyway. AAS and eca can be a real bad combination, both raise your bp.

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    ok i will do so guys thank you very much.....The eca stack has just been recently added

    no this is like my hmmmm i lost count: cycle prolly like 15th

    I had just taken my adex about an hour ago and i can breath normal now but Im gonna go get a bp monitor for sure and ill let u guys know....the adex worked tho thanks guys ill keep u posted

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    could be edema (particularly if the dex helped) or an allergy to one of the oils or contaminents (particularly if UG).

    some labs use peanut oil, to which you may have an allergy.

    could also be a low grade infection.

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