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    lower back pain ?

    heres my current cycle. te 250 twice weekly, eq 200 twice weekly. diet is in check but i doubled my protein intake, with the shakes. could the protein be takin a toll on my kidneys? or is it from the gear?

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    I can virtually guarantee that it is not from the protein.

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    most of the time it is from the lower back pump. if your on eq that is most likey it.

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    I have pain in lower back now that I've started juicing. The obvious reasons being I am blasting my back at the gym now. Never really did train my back that hard. Now, I can almost double the weight with the same reps

    I havn't had any pain this week yet, I'm going to increase the reps by 2-3 and weight by 20 tomorrow and see what happens.

    Tonight I'm doing chest and bis....mmm can't wait to feel that pump boys!!!

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