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Thread: Liquid Dbol

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    Liquid Dbol

    Anyone heard of liqid dbol , my friend has it but has yet to take it and i was asked if i wanted any myself. And if you have heard is it any good?

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    Apr 2004
    Heard of it, its good, same concept as liquid clomid or liquid tamoxifen .........

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    you talking oil base or no

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    jarrettathawaii is offline Junior Member
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    I am taking it, its the same as the pill. The pill is more harsh on your liver by far, but if you take the liquid, your sticking yourself everyday.

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    There is liquid dbol made for oral use and liquid injectable Dbol, but yes it exists. He should know if it is oral or injectable, but if he doesn't, the good news is you can drink both.

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    yeah i use dit in my last cycle i liek it alot better than the pill form which i have also taken. its a this oil so u can use a 25guage needle so its alot less painful than a 22 or 23 guage. but i would buy it from him at a cheap price if hes skeptical about it. your profit off his lack of knowledge.

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    It's made by a legit co. i cant thing of the name but it's mexican and i've used there hcg before. it's a cheap price $95 for what is = 250 5mg pills. he was planning on taking it oral.

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