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    Questions about winne and clen

    ok here goes... I'm 5'8 200lbs. I've been working out on and off for about a year and a half. But in the last 4 months i've been pretty serious about my workouts and am trying to learn more and more. I've been using the same workout for a while, and am looking to cut abuot 25-30 lbs. My goal weight is around 170. I know i dont do enough cardio but who does. Recently I heard about clenbuterol from a friend, and I'm thinking about doing it in May. Any one have any suggestions on dosage/other supplements I should take to enhance performance. Maybe there is something better than clen to take to achieve this goal. Looking to be down to around 170 by June, so that gives me 2 months. My diet is as follows:
    Meal 1: Pro Shake 22/1/2
    Meal 2: Pro shake 22/1/2
    meal 3: Canned Tuna 35/1/1.5
    Spinach/Salad 2/3/0
    (1) Slice wheatbread 4/19/0

    meal 4: shake 44/2/4
    meal 5: Tuna 35/1/1.5
    meal 6: grilled chicken 38/0/2

    Most days I dont eat the bread because i've been trying to basicaly cut out most of my carbs, and i haven't really had to much of a problem with my energy level. I drink about 1.5 gallons of water/day. Work out is as follows:

    -Flat Dumbell 4x10
    -Flat Barbell 3x10 (plus warmup/burnout)
    -Incline Barbell 4x10
    -Chest Flies 3x10
    -Skull Crushers 4x10
    -Rope 4x10
    -dips (as many as i can do)

    Tues/Fri Back Bi's
    -widebar pulldowns
    -inside grip pulldown
    -one arm rows (w/dumbell)
    -two arm row with barbell
    -preacher curls
    -hammer curls
    -burnout curls with iso-rope machine

    Weds/Sat Legs/shoulders/traps
    - I do a lot on this day, and is a lot to list

    Any suggestions as to workout and/or diet would be greatly appreciated. Also any suggestions as to a "cut" cycle such as clen, or anything else would help me a great deal.

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    body fat

    As i'm sure my body fat will be a question for response, but i'm not positive. I'd have to say upwards close to 20, maybe 17 or 18. My waist is 36 and 5'8 /200lbs. I'm down from about 225lbs in November. I'm not too worried about how much i weigh, but i'd like my waist to be around 33, and just a more solid and tighter overall look. I do cardio 3-4 days a week, 20-25 mins. A typical cardio workout will be 2-3 games full court basketball or 1.5 miles of jogging.

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