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    British Disp Dbols

    Sup Guys!!!

    I don't have a pic but my Dbols look similar to the ones that are listed as fake in the pictures forum. The Var I got from my same source seems to be def legit. When I break up the Dbols they break into chunks and powder....It seems to be giving me pretty good gains but I dunno....They are the 5mgs....should I get off immediately??

    Thanks for the help!!!

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    Why would you get off immediately? Worse case senerio, they are fake and do nothing...Inconsistancies happen, they could very well be legit. If they are british disp, they should have an imprint of a snake and arrow on the tab. They could be british dragon though, those look the same but have no emblem on them...

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    I had some British Dispensary dbols also. At the bottom of the bag there was some powder resedue or something and those are by far the best dbols I've ever ran. I wouldn't toss them. As long as you crush them and they don't all turn into powder you're good to go.

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