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    question about m1t pct already did a search

    hi i did a search and couldnt find much so here is the question... Doin my first M1T cycle @ 10mgs/a day one 5mg in morn 1 5mg. before bed... the question is about PCT.. I know you guys say clomid and noval. but I cannot take clomid the **** F!@#s me up didn't like it @ all when i tried it.. will I be ok if i run novaldex and something like rebound xt by des. supps. also anyone ever get dizzy and lightheaded on M1t i am sensitive to stimulants like caffeine and ephedra and dont want to get dizzy @ the gym from M1t??

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    do clomid bro i dont matter if you like it or not it works trust me im the monkey from canada dont use 6 0x0 m1t shut you down try nolva or clomid peace bro.

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