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    Gear and your bloodwork?

    I was looking at using oasis for some therapy so I went and had my bloodwork done. Now grant you I'm in the middle of a cycle right now of 350mg of test cyp and 200mg equi. Anyway to make a long story short my Test levels came in way out of range. Imagine The normal range is 250-800, so what was my range try 3000. Anyway is this normal for your levels to go this high. I'm taking these doses every 7 days so they aren't close together. Anyway if anyone here has been folowing their blood counts let me know if this is somewhat normal. Thanks for th input.
    Oh by the way I would say it is safe to say no Oasis for me for awhile anyway.

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    100% normal

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrugsrGood
    100% normal
    Yes, perfectly normal for that dose. Proves low doses provide superphysiological levels

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