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    Clen for my woman?

    Hey my girl wants to know if clen would be good for her?..she has been dieting for about 3 months now and im proud of her consistency..she drinks like 2 shakes all day and then eats some crappy dinner..I dont think its fair I get 5000 cals and roids and she gets a ****en shake!..anyway can she benifit from this in moderation?

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    Canada Ehh...
    by the sound of it her diet needs work. 2 shakes and crap dinner is not good.
    read up in the diet forum, look at the cutting sticky. adjust the calorie needs to her.
    hit the cardio hard. she will get great results from diet and cardio alone.
    now once she has that dialed in, she could look at a little clen and eca. clen has its place but I dont think it is needed. me and my girl have both used it and I dont see enough results from it to make it worth using.

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