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    Cycle advice - Tren Depot/Winny/Tbol

    I found some encouraging information on steroid .com regarding this cycle, so i think im gonna give it a try on an 8 - 10 week course.

    200 mg Treb Depot/week (100mg E3days)
    50mg EOD Winstrol
    40-50 mg Oral-Turinabol ED

    However im having doubts regarding the lack of test in the stack. I thought all stack needed test in it. is this a problem? i was told i could just throw in some sust or prop every 2 weeks or so to keep test levels up.

    Any thoughts? Also need advice on what PCT to run?

    Heres my stats:

    158lbs, 5'8", around 12% body fat. Im training 4 times a week with a PT, cardio twice a week.
    This is my 3rd cycle. My aim this time is to put on more muscle but try to keep it lean as opposed to bulky. The type of physique im going for is the muscular but cut "Mens Health look".

    cheers guys
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    ok this sucks. if thisis you first cycle you should run test only.

    this is what is wrong with this.

    1 you do need test in this cycle.
    2 test will need to be run for 12 week 2 weeks past the tren to keep sex dive.
    3 tren depot only needs to be shoot 2 times a week 300mg needs to be run 10 weeks
    4 winny needs to be ed on the lest 5 weeks of the cycle
    5 t-bol will be fine weeks 1-4

    pct you will need clomid nolv and b-6 fr the tren.
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    hey mate. cheers for the info. what you say does make sense. i kinda suspected what you said about the test, I just didnt know how to add it in. but by staggering the rest of the stuff like you suggested it does fit in well.

    And its my 3rd cycle. So with the changes you suggested would you say this is a good cycle for lean but substantial gains?

    wk 1-12 sust 200mg weekly
    wk 1 -10 Tren Depot 150mgx2 every week
    wk 1- 4 50mg Tbol ED
    winstrol wk 8 -12 50mg ED

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