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    Talking Mid-Cycle progress...

    I am 7 weeks into my cycle right now and I wanted to report my gains and say thanks to everyone that helped critique my cycle before hand.


    Test E: 250mg 2X a week, weeks 1-15
    D-Bol: 40 mg ed, weeks 1-4
    Deca : 300mg a week, weeks 1-15
    Winstrol Depot: 50mg eod, weeks 12-17
    proper pct etc...

    I am 20 yrs old and this is my 3rd cycle. I am 6'0".

    Starting weight: 210 lbs Feb 16th
    Present weight: 237 lbs April 6

    I have had unbelievable strength gains. This week I benched 315 lbs 5 times and squated 405lbs 8 times. This is a HUGE jump for me. My appetite is outa control also, I am eating everything in sight.

    Just wanted to post up some progress. I will post some pics soon.

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    Pissing on saluu
    Back the deca off one week for easier recovery, to make up for that week run up to 400mg of deca. Keep us posted.

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