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    Temporarily substituting Sus for Prop on a Sust, Dbol n Deca...what should i expect?

    I am 3 weeks into my cycle, i have been takin 40 mg dbol a day
    I my first shot i had was 50mg of Test Prop (had it spare) after week two, i then have had two shots of sust and deca to start my cycle...anyway
    My source promised me the rest of my sust a few days after i bort all my gear but it still has not turned up even tho i have paid him for it....its wednesday today, i had my last shot of Sust+deca sunday but i still do not have any sus. He promises it will be here tommorow or friday.

    I am going to have my last spare shot of Prop with deca tonight as its the best i can do in this situation untill hopefully tommorow or friday but i was wondering, will this effect my whole cycle ?

    I know that Prop is fast acting but deca isnt...will this send my cycle down the pan ?

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