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    Please Help Andriol/Anavar

    Hello everyone. I really need a few questions answered please. Well for the last few weeks a friend of mine has been doing Deca and Dianabol . I have been injecting him twice a week at 200mg per injection. He is also on Nolvadex and using milk thistles. We have noticed some gains in him but nothing to big. I have been researching all different types of roids for some time now but I seem to always run into new stacks or steroids I havent heard of. I was reading about Andriol and I liked what I saw. I want to start my beginning cycle but I am not totally sure what to do first. I was thinking maybe I should do an oral stack only in the beginning I mean something like Andriol and Anavar or Dbol and Anavar. I am wondering if I should just start with Deca/Dbol stack or if I should only do the pills or if I should add a Test or something. I know I am young, it may be the best thing to wait but I feel everything is running smoothly with my friend and he is 20 and we have been doing everything very cautiously and have seen no side effects. I am 20, 6 ft tall, 170 pounds. My goal is to gradually put on about 15 pounds by the beginning or middle of June. Please give me as many answers as you can and as much feedback as you can. Thanks a lot guys. I am trying to start soon and I have to keep in mind it will take me a few weeks to get the roids so please help me with this. Thanks again

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    Man you need to do some research before you start that cycle. An all oral cycle sucks and especially the one you layed out with andriol and dbol . First off andriol is waste of money, forget about it, second if you do dbol you need test with it or you will lose everything you gained when you come off. And your freinds cycle is not good either. Do some research on here.

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    1st of all your friends dbol /deca stack isnt a good one, it will shut him down hard and it will be harder to recover during PCT, if you dont have test in a cycle then dont cycle, test is the key to all cycles, its a MUST!! he should add something like test enanthate /cypionate or sustanon immediately

    2nd you oral only cycle also is a waste of time, andriol is a waste of money, it costs to much for the results you will obtain taking it, also it must be taken in large doses to take effect, rubbish IMO! if you want an oral only cycle go with anavar 50mg/ED run for 8 weeks with good PCT....

    why not take the plunge and avoid an oral cycle and take some test, a cycle like this:

    wk 1-10 test enan 350-500mg/wk
    wk 1-10 nolva 10mg/ED

    I think you need to do a lot more research, all the info is here for you, just USE the search button (1st cycles, test only etc...)

    good luck

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