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    Most Intriguing Workout

    We've all heard about Ronnie Coleman's parking lot lunges with a 225 lb barbell on his back.
    I've walked around the block with 75 lb. dumbbells(I tried 100's but had to call for a ride!)
    Anyone got any good ones, I've also heard of a guy pushing a car up and down his driveway.

    peace bro's
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    We used to push this guys truck up this huge hill that was about 200 yds long. It was a small ranger and there were about 4 of us...but it still sucked

    I used to take 50's and hold them at my side down by my feet, then explode up and attempt to jump as high has i could

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    When my street was under construction years ago they tore it up and it was all sand, me and my bud would take turns pushing my escort up and down the street

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