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    Weird question...very interested in the answer

    Hypothetically...say I have about 16% of bodyfat on me, I gain 15lbs of muscle during a cycle and just maintain my bodyfat however I keep my diet exactly the same. Would the fat be the first thing to go considering I increased muscle and kept my calories at the same level? Or would it just immediately start eating away at the muscle and force me to up my calories?

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    Well one thing I know for sure. If you do gain 15 lbs of muscle and keep the same amount of fat. It will no longer be at 16% but lower since you have more lean mass with the 15lbs of muscle giving you a lower fat percentage.

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    Depends on your macronutrients...

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    I am fairly experienced in cycles (around 7 now) and i have done stuff i wouldnt post on this site b/c i know i would be flamed. But i was out of lifting for about a year, probably got to 16% bf and had no stength or size. I had juiced beforfe so i ordered some test e and deca and used it as my motivation to get back in the gym. Well i did it, and as far as far as diet i just got my protien (300g/day) and didnt care abouyt fat or anything.10 weeks later people didnt recognize me. Bf went to 10%, weight went from 226 to 241lbs. I don't know if it was muscle memory or what but I think it added muscle and shreded fat.

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