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    when should i add the winstrol?

    hey im doing a 12 week cycle of test e at 500mg and deca at 450mg plus dbol for first 4 weeks at 30mg's now im adding winny at 50mg eod for last 6 weeks should i stop the last shot of winny at the last shot of my test and deca or should i keep shooting the winny the remaining two weeks before doing pct?well better way to explain is im starting pct two weeks after test e and deca shot but those 2 weeks is it ok to do winny or should i stop when i stop the test and deca?also should i wait 2 or 3 weeks to do pct from test and deca?

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    Stop the deca 1 week before the test E and run the winny 2 weeks past the test E, also winny should be run ED to keep blood levels stable.

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    right on

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    see that is why body mechanic is are steroid questions head consultant welcome to the salu roid monkey fan club you know your juice and the monkey likes you because remember when we love something so much we must study it a to z i stare at my juice for hours looking for to my next injection. all hail to hooker and bodymechanic.

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