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    Exclamation Solid Keepable Gains

    Ive read that aas like Test Prop, Tren , Eq, Parabolan etc....provide quality muscle gains rather than quantity. What I was wondering is, suppose one was to run a cycle involving 1 or more of the quality muscle aas, and then ran IGF either during cycle or during PCT, would that allow you to keep all of your gains? Or would you still experience a loss after your cycle?

    Just satisfying my curiousity

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    running ifg-1 and insulin during post cycle therapy is one of the best ways to keep the majority of your gains. However, either of these compounds can quickly cause you to go hypoglycemic, which can result in death. Great care must be taken.

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    You will not keep 100% but if you do everything right you´ll keep the majority of the gains.

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    A lot of the weight loss is fluid, but some can be muscle but it is not necessary for it to be that way. Keeping your nutrition in check, protein high etc. will be a good start. Also you need to keep training hard and heavy but you wont recover like you used to, so cut the training sessions down to 4 per week, lots of recovery time and the training time should be about 1 hour. Ensure you keep fluid intake high and if you have the possibility to run GH or Slin go for it, as it will really help but as already mentioned with Slin be conservative because you dont need much to get the effect but if you go overboard you can get yourself in big trouble.

    Last cycle I dropped weight only 6 lbs following the advice a good friend gave me, so yes you can definitely keep those muscle gains.

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