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    Lightbulb what do you think of this???

    shooting test and deca every 3 days .....

    400 of test and 300 of deca (stated above)

    for 8 weeks

    stats 5 10 200lbs diet around 4k cal. (80% clean)

    what do you think???

    and of course pct ... novadex and clomid

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    Way too much Deca . 400mg is a good average for people, but 600mg is what I use to feel the effect. Also with Deca you want to do 1 weekly injection of all of it, not spread out through the week. Deca is a very long acting ester so injecting a high amount will give you the level you need and then it will have a very stable, slow and sustained release which will maximize the benefit.

    As far as test is concerned you need to run more than 8 weeks to get good results. You will see some results but if you are running something like Test E then you will just be in the peak zone and really putting on good gains when you would be quitting. Also 400mg is a very conservative amount, so you are totally fine with extending that window for 12 - 16 weeks. With the amount of calories you indicated that you will ingest you stand to put on some significant gains if you do a proper cycle length.

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    So your saying to do deca 1 time a week ,dont split it up into 2?
    Did not know that.Anyone chime in on this?

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    Split it up. Your shots will be smaller and more manageable. There is NO advantage to shooting one drug only once per week. You are already shooting test twice a week... or E3D, whatever. It would make no sense at all. Go ahead and combine the deca and test in the same shot.

    E3D will enable you to shoot at the same time each shot day. 2x/week would have you shooting in the morning, and then 3 days later shooting at night to get 3.5 days. I actually thought about doing something similar, simply because it will mesh in with my work and travel schedule better, being able to always shoot in the morning.

    You should run the deca 10 weeks or so, a bit longer if possible. At any rate, you should run the test for a week or two longer than the deca. You want the last active AAS in your body to be test, or at least have it all out of your body at the same time, rather than have a bunch of deca left in you and no test, with the deca continuing to supress your HPTA. The deca has a slightly longer half life.

    Also, please remember when you start a new thread, to make the title of your post indicate the content of it, so by browsing the list of threads, one can know whether or not to take the time to read it. Your title is very vague and gives not a clue as to what is in your post. I don't think too many members take the time to read every single post. You would need broadband and 18 hours a day in front of the puter! It is standard netiquette dating back to before there was a www and before people started calling the www "THE" internet. It is the right thing to do, and it will get you more and better replies.

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