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    I have a limited amount of T3 available and am wondering if I could use it for a quick fat-loss bosster within my current bulking cycle. I know, I know, "Why is he doing a bulking cycle now as summer approaches?" and, if you're doing a "bulking cycle" why are you worrying about fat loss? Well, truth be known, I let things get a bit more out of hand than I wanted to over the winter and I'm carrying a little too much fat into the beginning of this go round. I thought I might burn a little fat off at the beginning of the cycle using the left-over T3s I have.

    I know you're supposed to taper up and down in order to protect yourself from a THyroid crash. I've always used an 8 week taper in the past, which equates to (70) 50mcg tabs. I have 48 tabs available to me currently and am thinking of doing a modified taper lasting around five weeks.

    I'm curious as to how others on this board have used T3 and what the results were.

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    take a look at this

    Clen/T3 Cutting Cycle...

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    That link doesn't work, due to the ***** advertisement links that are in place now...

    There is no need to taper your dosage down...

    I've used T3 before with good results, and no crash afterwards....

    Your diet and cardio will determine the amount of fat that you will be able to lose/keep off...

    I see no reason why running t3 with your cycle would cause a problem...

    Read this thread for more info on T3:
    Here Are Some T3 Threads For

    Check your Resting Temperature before hand as well... you may also want to incorporate T-PCT will Coleus Forskolli etc..., depending in the dose and duration you choose.

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