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    Do you Syno-heads automatically take nolva?

    I am jumpstarting my test/deca /winny cycle with syno prop (and a little fina, heh heh heh) and wondering if I ought to go ahead and start nolva even before any gyno symptoms appear. I am on my 3rd day of 100mg/ED of the syno.

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    i do. i like to run it to keep my water retention down as well as protect me against gyno.

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    Never a bad idea with Syno, but the amount of estradiol should be negligble or entirely absent-----if you converted it PROPerly.

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    i wouldnt risk running syno prop.....a bitch to make, not to mention you can get REAL prop powder for like 60-70 bucks for 100 grams.

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    It is time consuming to make but is one of those fun conversions due to the technical chemistry behind it ... unlike a simple fina conversion. I have never had a problem and have even helped numerous friends make it for use in their own cycles because they know the extra steps I take will make it side-free. There is only one kit I will use ... if you want to know the website just PM me or hit me up under my AIM screenname in the upper right hand portion of this post. Some other kits use NAOH or sodium hydroxide which actually cleaves the propionate ester from the testosterone , giving you TNE (testosterone no-ester) or esterless testosterone ... which has had mixed reviews. Depends on what type of results you are looking for ... I personally prefer test prop and its properties.

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