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    Question tren/winny cycle question?

    I was wondering if anyone out there has done a tren /winny cycle? If so what was the best order to do them? Tren for 5-6 weeks then winny? How did you do on it? Any input is appreciated. This is my first cycle and I have been trying to get as much info as possible. Ive had the gear for a month but everyone said to research as much as possible! Im probably going to start next week. I figured I would do 75mg eod transdermally but as I stated, I was wondering how to incorporate the winny (if I should). Ive been training on and off for 5 years. I weight 235 and 5'11" and Im 29yo. I need to loose around 15lbs to get cut which doesnt take too long. I mostly want to put on more bulk.

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    im not sure about transderm tren i hear its only 1/2 as effective as injecting.but to answer your question run them togather and add some test as a base atleast 300 the tren/winny no longer than 6-7 wks.

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    Tren is not for beginner's (IMO).
    Here's a cutting cycle for yah:
    wks 1-13: 100 mg/eod test prop
    wks 1-10: 400 mg/wk eq
    wks 7-13: 50 mg/ed winny
    Clomid wks 14-16
    Optional: 40-50 mg/ed of Anavar
    or 300-400 mg/wk or primo wks 1-13 or 1-6 or 7-13
    Expensive options. But, like I said, you should have at least done one 3 roid cycle before you think of doing tren. Just my 2 pennies...

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    No your right, thanks for the info

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