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Thread: M 1 T

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    M 1 T

    I just finished my first cycle about 3 weeks ago:

    week 1-4 40 mg DBOL a day
    week 1-10 500mg test

    Im starting my pct tomorrow.

    I have 2 bottles of m 1 t, id like to try that this summer sometime and i was wondering how long i should wait after my PCT is over with to start the M 1 T? What is a safe time?! Thanks


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    I would get bloodwork done before you consider doing another cycle. DBol and M1T are both hard on the liver and you want to make sure all your levels are back to normal before you start again.
    But generally, Time on=Time off

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    jarrettathawaii is offline Junior Member
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    Sell the m1t, wait 8 weeks and then jump on the test e dbol again. I have used m1t and hate it. Does nothing but make me lathargic, and it gave me liver pains. Not worth it.

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    m1t is garbage IMO, ive used it and never really got that noticeable of gains, made me break out and feel like $hit, sell that junk and get the real deal but use it properly and its sides will prolly be less than the m1t if not any sides at all

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    I got pretty biggish on 20mg/ED of M1T but didn't keep much of it. Also didn't really feel like training, so my training was off a bit. If someone gave me a couple of bottles today, I would probably trash them as soon as they were not looking, to avoid hurting their feelings. M1T's main selling point was that before January 20, it was legal to buy, sell, or posess. Now, it is just another crap drug that nevertheless some people might still like, if they are lucky enough to not be bothered by the side effects.

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