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    Arrow OTC needles and syringes in USA?

    I know is some states its there are OTC needles and syringes available. But has anyone found what states it is OTC and which is not. I live in Kentucky and would rather go to a store than order them online. Let me know. I failed at finding an answer on the web.

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    in CT u can go to certain drug stores. not rite aid or cvs. you dont know anyone who would know if you can get them localy?

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    In Louisiana you can get them OTC but they almost always give you a big hassle and often they don't have 1-1/2" 22 or 23ga, and almost never have 1-1/2" 25ga or even 1" 25ga. Sometimes asking the manager for the name and number of his boss will help. Once I patiently explained the reasons why they should not ask silly questions and just sell the darn things. (Had nothing to do with threat of violent or destructive bahavior in their store LOL)

    Next time I will have a jug of test with me, with my name and perscription info on it, as a backup, after having my fun tormenting the poor clerk over her bass-ackwards moral stand against selling pins to me. It's good to be legal!

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    I also live in KY and I get all my stuff from the pharmacy. Walmart has never given me any problems...

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    you always get stupid looks when asking for pins. look in your yellow pages for pharmacies located near or associated with a hospital.
    always call first to save yourself the hassle.
    i must say tho its next to impossible to find otc 23g 1 1/2 pins.

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    NY has a program

    I know NY & NYC started a program a few years back to lessen the spread of needle diseases like hiv. Short version, you can go into any ESAP (easy syringe access program) participating pharm like Duane Reede in Penn Station and without a script asked for syringes, the max you can get is 10 & as long as you are within NY they are totally legal to possess. Your state should have a state run website or just google your state for "needle exchange programs).

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    i live in ky as well and i order all of my pins online and in bulk

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