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    Angry Started my cycle, injured

    Hello all.

    this is what my cycle looks like

    week 1 - 12 with 500mg Test E per week
    week 1 - 4 100mg anadrol each day
    week 14+ PCT

    i shoot 250mg test on mondays and 250mg on thursdays, i have not started with the anadrols yet.

    The thing is, after my first shot, 1 day into the cycle i really crush my shoulder by doing abit over the line weights i guess ( stupid me ), now 4 - 5 days have passed and my shoulder feels perfectly fine again but i still tought it would be a better idea if i rest now and start my workouts on Monday, then i will start with the anadrols as well.

    What do you guys think?

    so far ive lost about 5 days of this cycle, i did workout my biceps & legs but the rest i did not do as those workouts use my shoulders too much.

    i do know that the test wont kick in until week 5 or so, but still i want you guys opinions, am i screwed for fu***** up one week?

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    No you arnt screwed. Just keep going now and start back on Monday. Just watch the shoulder though !!!

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    No biggie. You lost a couple days. There are thousand more.

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