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    Arrow CC's and mg conversion?

    if i'm supposed to take 250mg what is that in cc's? i'm confused on this conversion. Like does the syringe measure cc's and you have to know how many mg's is 1cc and so worth?

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    1 cc = 1 ml

    It varies depending on what you're using.. no one can tell you since you have the gear not us. It will say on the vial so many mg /ml

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    please wildcat if you dont know the answer to how many cc in a ml dont do steroids study do research the big monkey dont wanna see little monkey hurt himself. I think newbies on this board should be behaved with in a diligent and respectful manner and listen to the what the monkey says otherwise they can suck it. And this is the kind to newbie suck it policy listen to the brother if not go on elitefitness where the teenagers work out steriod .com is number one in my books keep it up grow grow.

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    One day, i will understand what that little monkey says....

    1cc=1ml. If your gear is 250mg/ml that means there is 250mg in each ml (or cc). Really, you should have known that before you started gear. Either way, stick around-you will learn a great deal of invaluable information

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    i havent even gotten my gear yet guys. So i dont understand why your bashing me for trying to understand everything before i even started it. i'm trying to plan out my cycle and how much i need for it. And then the amount of syringes and needles i need.

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    I think you figured out that 1cc=1ml by now...the guys nailed that one down for you. Different companies produce different concentrations of the same gear. Some produce 200mg/ml test e, while others produce 250...300, and even 400mg test e. For each of these, 1ml equals the mg listed.

    Once you get this straight, why don't you post your potential cycle along with your ancillaries and pct. Give us your stats (ht/wt/bf/years lifting) and we can help you make the most of this cycle. Since you were not certain about the mg/ml question, I fear there are some other, rather important things that might be missing from your plans. We would like to help you get this right.

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