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    Alright guys i'm planning my first cycle. I want to take 500mg test e. i would like to cycle it for just 8 weeks instead of ten because of potential drug testing. So I up the dosage even though its my first cycle? Should i run Nolv with it and how much should i take per week if so? I understand clomid and will be taking it 300mg day 1,2-11 100mg, 12-21 50mg.

    I'm 190lb 5'11 20yrs old and have been lifting for 6 years.

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    Uping the dose doesnt mean you will make faster gains. 500mg is average for a first cycle anyway. Eight weeks isnt long enough to get the max benefits out of the Test. Why dont you do it for 12 weeks and look into the new Cleansing product Sys Admin is talking about to get the Test out of your system quickly.

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    bro 2 weeks is not going to make a diff in drug testing. if you run test e or c you need to go 12 weeks. if you like you can do prop for 10 weeks shoot eod.

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