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    Finasteride and strength loss?

    For those of you who have been on finasteride while on a cycle do you guys feel that your strength should be more than what they are considering the gear you are taking. I am asking this because I know finasteride/dutastride stops DHT but DHT also makes you stronger so when you stop the DHT from forming then you become not as strong because the DHT is not in your system. I am just trying to clear this up because I want to start some finasteride and then start my cycle in a month or two. Thanks bros.

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    Have never noticed any problems, or thought I wasn't getting the results I should. You should be ok with finasteride since it still leaves 30% of type 2 dht in your system and all type 1. I used to take it, switched to avodart 2.5 years ago. Avodart only leaves about 8% type2 and 50% type 1.

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