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    newbie first cycle question

    I am new to AAS and I am ready for first cycle I have sustanon 250 and
    Deca 300 also nolva. and clomid what would be a first cycle recomendation?
    My stats are 2 years training 5'8" 181lbs and 14% BF. My bench press is 275 at 3-4 reps.

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    if this is your 1st cycle i would have recomended 500mg test e wk for 10-12 wks start pct 2 wks after last shot of test,save the deca for your next one you dont need it for a 1st cycle mate.if uve got the sus already best to take eod because of the short actin esters in it.

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    i'd save the deca for another cycle. since this is your first i'd just run with the test. you want to see how you react to it before you start stackin.

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