I have been away from this Board for some time and I'm glad I'm back.

I have posted this in PCT forum also but since aromatase inhibitors are used by people during the cycle, I'm also posting it here.

I noticed Pheedno's great post on use of arimidex as part of PCT.
I Just a have a couple of comments and I'm curious about Pheedno's response.

If an aromatase inhibitor is to be used it is best to use an irreversible ********* activator such as exemestane. Althouth there's some controversy in the literature (when isn't there any?) Arimidex is generally felt not to be friendly to the lipid profile at all. Unlike exemestane the reversible non********* imidazole-based inhibitors (such as anastrozole, letrozole ) can have detrimental effects on the lipid priofile and bone density.
Also, how about adding low dose HCG (ie 250-500IU 2-3 times a week) during the cycle to optimize responsiveness of the old gonads to the PCT?


Some studies favoring exemestane vs arimidex or letrozole:
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Some studies indicating neutral efefct of arimidex on lipid profile:
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