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    Question Hepatitis C and steroid use

    I have a serious question that I think we can all learn from. I am about to start a new cycle. Current stats are as follows:

    5'9 195 lbs, about 13% bf right now. Have cycled about 6 times before and have been off of steroids since June 2004 (almost one year).

    My current cycle that I plan on starting in 2 weeks is as follows:

    400 mg/wk EQ wks 1 - 15
    325 mg/wk Test Enanthate wks 1 - 15
    300 mg/wk Tren Depot wks 3-13

    I know the dosages on the test and tren are a bit low compared to what is standard on the board, but as long as I have been cycling I always got ample results off lower dosages and never found the need to go higher.

    My question is this... my father recently was diagnosed with hepatitis c, the doctor said it is hereditary and his mother also had it. I obviously can possibly contract the virus now and wanted to know if my steroid use (particularly the tren since I know that is the harshest) can possibly make me even more likely to contract the virus? I am thinking about never cycling again now in order just to ensure I keep my health as good as possible. Do you guys think if I continue to cycle it may make me more likely to also contract the virus?

    fyi, I plan if I do go through with the cycle to take milk thistle as 1.2g/day and Liv52.

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    this guy needs this info guys and gals

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    Hepatitis C is a viral infection. Infection occurs via blood transfusion, intravenous drug use (needle sharing), sex , and vertically (from Mother at birth). It is not hereditary per se. Steroid use will not make you "contract" hepatitis. You can't get it from your Dad unless he also had infected your mom . It can then be be contrated at birth if your mother was infected (she should also be tested). To put your mind at ease, you should do a blood test for Hepatitis C Antibody and also liver function panel. That will tell you if you're infected or not. Hope this helps.

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    I am just going to bump this post back to the top.

    Just wanted to thank you for the information, I am actually going to do a web search right now to see if I can verify that and come up with anything additional to add.

    Just thought this should be bumped so more can see, if anyone else has some additional please add to the thread.


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    Buffdude has it exactly right. If you were going to get it from your mother: a, she would have to have it and b, you would have gotten it at birth.

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    Buffedude is absolutely correct. The Doctor is an idiot !!! Hep C is contracted almost entirely via the blood. The only way you could get it is by shareing blood with your father, or if your mother has it and she potentially could have transfered in to you at birth. My wife has Hep C and we have been together for fourteen years and I have not contracted it. She got it twenty five years ago from a one off experiment with heroin, she shared a needle !!!. Fortunately for her it has not affected her in the slightest, she is one of the lucky ones.

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