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    Talking Just like to say thanks for all the advice and support from you ugly bastards

    Well d*mn I didn't even notice till this morning that I had 1,999 posts, so that makes this my 2000th and I become an anabolic member I've already tried making my member more anabolic but it just became all lumpy and swollen like a stumpy raddish so I hope no site injecting is involved this time

    Just wanted to say thanks to all you vets and long time members, even some newbies to AR, that have helped to point me away from dbol and deca only cycles before I let that big hard 23g penitrate my virgin quad... there was a little blood, but there always is the first time things could have gotten ugly and god knows I've already got enough ugly to go around.

    Since finding AR I've managed to go from a meager ectomorph of 5'10 185lbs @ 5-6% bf to a wannabe monster of 235lbs @ 10% bf. Not bad, 50lbs, of course I say not bad because the moment I'm satisfied with myself I'll probably stop growing forever and lose 80lbs so I'll shut up lol. RAAWWWRR! 1-Cent WANT TO BE BIG LIKE BUFFALO! BUFFALO HUNGRY RAAWWWRRRR!!

    No doubt, best board on the net for AAS... can't get over 2000 posts, thats a sh*tload of time here, I guess this means I'm a big loser now... ah well, anyone wanna trade pocket protectors and play D&D in my mom's basement w/ me??

    Oh wait there has to be a question involved right? One thing I'm trying to figure out is the relationship between Test, Deca and Finastride, how they help or negate each other when all 3 are run at once. Feel free to learn me!

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    congrats on your 2000 post bro

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    Post-whore. "I would like to thank.... blah blah blah."

    but congratulations anyway!

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