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    research for begginers

    hey guys,

    i want to do some extensive research on steroids , but don't know where to start. i'm new to all this shit, so what would be the best book on steroids for a begginer??????????

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    World Anabolic Review is outdated on some issues, but still useful text. I would also try and gain as much knowledge as I can on the biomechanics/kinesiology of training and reading such authors as Kraemer, Fleck, Yessis, Zatsiorsky, Poliquin, Siff etc. Sorry if I went off on a rant here, I just think it would be beneficial to walk into a first cycle adquately prepared with information with all regards to strength taining/AAS.

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    use the search function at the top of your screen. best research material available. don't waste money on books. there are so many conflicting opinions that you must make your own. just read threads and ask questions.

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    Read the educational threads on here and go to other sites such as ****** and read the faq's there too... tons of good info on the net. Plus, don't touch a drug until you know everyhing you can possibly know about it is the best advice i could give you.

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    man do like I have just come here to forum and read as many posts you can and youll learn a lot from these senoir memebers, vets and of course the Mods.

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    Time brotha!! Like ranger & Dizzy said read lots of these threads all the time. If you can't follow what they're talkin about, use the search button for what confuses you. That's how lots of us learned. No need to waste money on books.

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