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    Test dose for 5'6 165-170 pounder?

    I am trying to help a buddy with deciding on what dose he should go with for his first cycle of Test. He hasnt completely decided between Prop or Enan, but I have a feeling he is leaning more towards Enan.

    What would you suggest his dose to be per week? I have been doing an average of 400mg/week (I am 185 pounds at 6'0) and have absolutely loved my gains.I say average because I started at a lower dose, changed my mind, and I am now doing 500mg.

    I am thinking of suggesting 400mg/week.

    Also, he wouldnt be stacking with anything else, just Test by itself.

    His stats:
    First cycle
    165-170 (probably closer to 170)
    Pretty lean, around 12%?
    Been working out since I knew him in college, so probably around 4 years or so.

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    I would still do 500mg if I was him

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