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Thread: Sustanon 250

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    Sustanon 250

    Can someone please answer the following question. Should Sustanon 250 have a stingy, like a burning taste to it? Brown ampule with a yellow ring on the neck made by Organon from Holland. This has no taste or burn on the tongue to it! Is it real? It has a white label with black print. THANKS!

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    every sus shot that I have had by organan has a sting to it if you put it on your tongue. I always get the redi-jets just b/c they are harder to fake. But as far as the viles that there in you can go to steroid .com I think and they have several pictures.

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    YEAH, SUS by Oraganon Mexico and it has the unpleasant feeling when tasted. I do not know bout the Dutch Sus. I have heard that the Oraganon India wil give the same results.

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    very chemical taste!!

    u should post a pic of the sust...

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