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    finally sorted out 3rd cycle

    22 yo
    180 lbs
    11 % bf (approx)
    weks 1-15 prop @ 150mg eod
    weeks 1-12 eq @600mg
    weeks 1-7 anavar @50mg ed

    diet- approx 3500-400 kcals
    350 g plus protein
    400 g carbs , 6 g fat
    4.5 litlres water day
    how does this look, wanna add about 14lbs and lean up( pref drop bf at same time)
    any opninios????

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    Well I think the cycle looks good, if you put on lean mass(diet and cardio needs to be tweeked) you should not be trying to cut at the same time. But the good news is if you add 14lbs of lean muscle your bf% automatically drops even if your actual fat stays the same.

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