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    Question what is the best cycle?

    I was wondering what would be the best cycle for me? I am competing in a NPC contest in aug. and I still need to add some size as well as cut up some. I finished my last mass cycle feb 23 followed by some clomid. I didn't know if I should start another cycle and with what? This will also be my fourth cycle. Thought about sust250(500mgs a week) and winny(did not know how much have never taken it). Need to know how long of a cycle, what to take, and when can I start show is Aug 10.

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    do t200 can conrol the process better sus stays in system too long and you will end up holding water.
    take t200 and eq
    t200 at some where between 1200mg to 1000mg first 2 weeks and then around 600mg for 6- 8 weeks
    do 400-600mg eq for 12 to 16 weeks
    do winny last 6 weeks
    then dont forget about your clomid

    i'm better at size and strength cause i do power lifting but this is a basic

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