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    Is Organon's Durateston the Best Sustenon 250 On The Market? Price Check.

    I can get Durateston for about 8$ per ampule. I would be buying it directly from a very reputable Farmacia in Buenos Aires. First of all is 8$us a good price? Is Organon Sustenon a cleaner testosterone blend than other companies. I would imagine so because they are a very large and reputable company with tight quality control.

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    Not sure if price listing is within the rules here, butg $8/amp seems to be about right. The first over seas source I purchased from has the same price for that stuff. They arent the best prices in town, but they are more or less competitive, and much cheaper than gym prices.

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    i took duratest about 5 or 6 years ago but what awesome results i got. i think i put on about 15 lbs of lean mass at that. ran for 12 weeks 500 mg/week and i kept my gains. i would say buy all you can bro and have fun.......

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