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    Sure ways to **** up a DNP cycle?

    Hey guys, I've read the DNP sticky in the educational forum many times and as we all know, it is a on of information to digest. I will be a first time DNP user... thinking about 200 mg per ay for the first 4 days then 400mg's per day for the last 4 days, supplemented with 50mcg T3 per day. What I'm looking here is for a list of things that can cause the ultimate worst side effect of DNP... DEATH. Right now I'll kick it off with these two, but feel free to add to the list.

    -Not drinking enough water
    -Taking too much of the compound at once, since no antidote exists.

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    Using Dnp at all.

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    -Not taking all the right supplemenets
    -Not investing in a fan
    -Eating a ton of carbs and then go for a jog in the HEAT

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    My advice is to stick with 200mg per day and keep a very strict diet. You could also do cardio if 200mg doesn't give you too many sides.

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