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    Stacking Question

    Sup Fellaz, Im starting a Cycle Of Test 400 and Eq 200mg . Ive done both of these steroids on different cycles . I need to know how to stack these steroids together. I'm not that much of an advanced user so thats y I would like to know how to put these types together . Thanks for your time and patience

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    3rd cycle?
    1-13 400mg test(I would go 500mg)
    1-12 400mg eq(400mg should be minimum)
    Shoot 200mg of each twice per week, it is ok to put into same syringe. Pct needs to be in order and have nolva on hand. Have everything you need before you start including your diet down pat as well as training. Eat, Eat, Eat, train, Eat, rest & sleep.

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