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    Exclamation How long before cutting cycle??? HELP!

    I am currently on a 500mg a week of Sust (with Nolvadex of course), I am on my 3rd week and will go for long after my sust cycle do I wait until i get on a cutting cycle (Clen in my case)???

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    will you just be using clen or will you also be incorporating aas.

    If just clen, i would advise you to wait a few weeks after pct to make sure you are done recovering and the time will help solidify gains

    If you are using steroids , then a rule of thumb is time on = time off including pct

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    You're only on week 3 of a bulker and you're already excited about cutting? Maybe you should have made this one a cutter, or you could bulk for the first 6-8 weeks and cut the last 4-6.

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