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    second week/first cycle - questions

    Ok so Im on my second week of test-4 400mg/w divided into 2 shots a week.
    I am currently on 1mg nolva a day and I think I will soon bump to 20mg to be on the safe side.

    I am going to try and run this for 12 weeks.

    Is that too long for a newbie?

    Also when it comes time for pct I was thinking I would run nolva at 20mg a day and for the first 11 days run 100 mg clomid then for the 10 days following that, run clomid at 50mg each day, all of course 14 days after my last injection.

    Is that good?

    Will all my stuff get back to working ok?

    I dont think I want to go 100mg of clomid each day for 21 days and then stop cold. I kinda want to taper it. I feel like that might be a good idea. I know its not what pheedno says though.

    I also really dont want to buy l-dex cause I already have to buy more nolva.

    Not that I wont buy it if I really need too. I REALLY want my cock to work correct when all this is over.

    Any suggestions?

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    You are doing it right, but 10mg nolva should be fine throughout cycle. Pct bump it then...

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    Just like Mes said, run the nolva at 10mg/day then bump to 20mg for PCT. 12 weeks is fine.

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    Looks good.

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