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Thread: Will sust work

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    Will sust work

    I posted earlier about a cycle that i have of dbol and deca ......and thank u for the input that i should not take this without some test to balance...... I do know of whre i can get Some sust...i know this is a mix of 4 tests....will the sust work also instead of just test E ?? if so ...... i have 10 2ml deca which is enough for a 6-7 week cycle which is around what im looking for..... im looking to get just a lil boost 5-10 pds of muscle

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    yo need to do a 10 wk cycle
    yes sust will work but 6-7 weeks on cycle will be a waste of gear and money
    and a waste of time

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    don t use sust, it the ****tiest test u can find...

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    I'm gettin sick of the sauce bashing, I'm a proud user!!! Course I get it dirt cheap and never liked it till i did cause of the cost....but fvuck it I get it for 1/2 the price of test E ml for ml.

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    Sust has worked for me, i have gained 10 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks on sus....but i was at 500 a week

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    I love sus. Over and over

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