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    t4 is it really worth it ?

    right folks its like this im on a course of sus tren growth for 6 weeks then prop ,winny for 2 .using t4 for the first time not bothered about my body fat but using it to get more from my course,does it make a difference? and can it affect gyno good or bad ? read some where it can stop gyno from deca or tren ,anyone know about this?using 100ug a day of t4 when in the course do i end it and do i taper it off ?

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    I believe you may be confusing T3 w/ T4?...

    It will help you keep the fat off from your cycle, yes.

    Yes, there has been some research re: Prog. induced gyno & t3, read this:

    I'd suggest running Mallet's 7/5 split...
    If you choose to run it for wk's on end, IMO there is no need to taper down, as that will only prolong the time til your thyroid can begin recovery. Tapering up is ok, that is, if you choose not to use Mallet's 7/5 method.

    Read these threads as well: Here Are Some T3 Threads For

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    4get about t4, it s convertet into t3, so u can just take t3.

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    I wasn't very happy with t4, t3 kicks a$$ on the other hand though

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