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    I just ordered some clen and clomid from this site, and after I finished the checkout, no receipt came up and it is also saying that I am not a returning customer after I just joined. Has anyone ever had this problem...i really hope I just did not get taken for $300...i will be pissed...anybody ever order from the site?

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    you'll be fine. did u register for a new account? u should have an email.

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    don't worry you didn't get ripped off.

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    check to make sure the credit card address is the same as the shipping address... if not, this site wont work... i had the same problem and i had to switch my home address for my card...

    it hasnt gone through unless it says "confirmed" or something similar to that...

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    E-mail them or pm Lion, GREAT SERVICE. Itll be at your door in 2-3 days, they're legit brotha!

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    its a great site man, no worries we're all advocates of the site and support it

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    Lion is pretty professional and concsientuous. He probably wants to be, but he certainly has to be, because of all the good/bad reviews on this board. Treating customers badly would hurt his business too much. He does not screw anyone over. I will also vouch for his products, by the way.

    Check your credit card and see if you were billed. Also check the email address that you used to order. His site always sends an automatic confirmation. If it didn't, and you were not charged, then obviously your order didn't go through for some reason and you should re-order, or else email Lion first just to make sure. He seems to answer his emails pretty good.

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