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    Steroids and Injuries, what can help??

    Hi guys im new to the forum and this is my first post (i hope u guys take it easy on me ) anyways im 21 and pretty active...i do bjj(brazilian jui jitsu) and weightlifting religiously, there is nothing i love more then pushin that ****in iron over my head. anyways i had injured my wrist about 3 months ago boxing and managed to make it worse a month later by doin bjj, so i went to the hospital after i had hurt it again in bjj and the doctor had said that i had a chipped bone in my wrist possibly caused by tearin a ligiment and it managed to take a piece of bone with it. (dunno if thats what exactly happened and im not sure how bad the ligiments is injured) anywas after the doctor had given me the bad news i stopped working out for 6 weeks!! after the 6 weeks my wrist started feeling better so i started working out again and everything was feelin good and i never felt better, that is up until 2 days ago. i was working shoulders and everything felt good until the next day. my wrist was throbbing like hell and now i cant workout again. im sick of seeing these doctors who they insist on tellin me i need more rest (6weeks they said would be good enough) so now im lookin for alternative methods. i have never done steroids before but im willing to do whatever it takes to get my wrist better (besides more rest, any of you hardcore guys know what im talkin about)so the inevitable question is are they and steriods that can help with the healing process..more specifically the ligement in my wrist???
    sorry about the long post but any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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    You're stuck bro.
    Other than going under the knife nothing will help you other than rest & some prayer that it heals properly.

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