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    Apr 2002


    I just recieved some Gh
    Nova Nordisk

    my ? is How many IU's is that?
    and how is the conversion

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    If you are stating it correctly, you have about 45iu. Hopefully you have more than one, cause that is no where near enough for a cycle. You need about 8 more of those.
    The amount of solution used to reconstitute can be varied....that would be a very concentrated solution....1.5ml/45iu. Just do the math to determine the dose. I would use more dilutent.
    No offense, but you really should find out this type of info before you spend the money.

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    Apr 2002
    Thanx ironmaster,
    well actually I got it for free
    and will get more too.
    But how would I dilute it?
    Thanx Bro

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