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Thread: need help

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    need help

    just started a cycle of sus 500 mgs per week and eq 400 mgs per week for 16 weeks, i am in week 2 and my nipples feel a little sore , i just purchased liquid nolvadex , should i start running 10 mgs a day during the cycle and 20 mgs during pct, will that help my situation?

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    You will want to run a higher dose of Nolva since you are having some problems. Run 80mg ed until the symtoms subside and then 20mg throughout the cycle and PCT.

    If you continue to have problems you may want to add 1.25mg of Letro EOD

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    Yes, that will help. If gyno becomes a problem, you can up the mid-cycle Nolva to 40-80mg/day (depending on severity) until symptoms subside.

    *edit - ha ha...****. I took a phone call in the middle of typing my post. Basically, do what he said!

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