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    Depression and AAS

    A lot of questions have arose regarding depression on a lot
    of boards that are predominately focused on AAS. I will afford
    some of my experiences with you all as well as some opinions.
    I will be using the acronym "AD's" for Anti-Depressants"
    throughout the atricle. I hope you all enjoy this information.
    Please feel free to PM me with any comments or questions you
    may have. ~dogsofwar

    General info regarding Anti-Depressants

    Anti-depressants use a multitude of different ways to increase
    seratonin levels in the brain. The most popular are SSRI's;
    Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors. In poorly understood
    ways this increase often significantly helps depression and
    several other mood disorders. It is not always known how some
    AD's work in the general class of the drug.

    At some point in time it was discovered that SSRIs tended to
    lessen the symptoms of other mood disorders besides depression.
    Those suffering from eating disorders and anxiety disorders have
    often benefited. Included among the beneficiaries have been
    people with panic disorder, generalized anxiety, obsessive-
    compulsive disorder, and social anxiety disorder. If you feel
    overly anxious or depressed, SSRIs may be very helpful for you.
    Don't give up on the idea if you have taken them before without
    success. You may not have taken the medication long enough or
    the dosage may have been inadequate. Perhaps you need a different
    SSRI or a different class of medication entirely. Please don't
    give up. Practically all sufferers of depression and anxiety can
    be helped by a combination of medication and counseling.
    You may have an anxiety disorder if you worry incessantly or feel
    constantly "on edge". These feelings may cause headaches, abdominal
    discomforts, easy sweating, a pounding heart, trouble breathing or
    sleep disturbances.
    This comment courtesy of: University of Wisconsin

    Examples of these
    Types of SSRI anti-d's are : Prosac, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa and
    Lexapro. It is not uncommon to experiment with several types of anti-d's
    until you find one or more that work for you. I have been through
    the list and have personally found that Lexapro and Wellbutrin work
    best for me. Typically there are side effects when taking anti-d's
    that eventually wear off after a couple of weeks of use. The most
    common that I personally have experienced are:

    Headchange (a difference in the way you feel, not good nor bad)
    Appetite change
    Decreased libido

    All except insomnia and libido will normally disappear within a
    couple of weeks. I find that the combination of Lexapro and Wellbutrin
    work well together because the Wellbutrin offsets the Lexapro
    as some SSRI's are scaled to be more calming to more stimulating
    Wellbutrin is considered a more stimulating anti-d. This obviously
    could be one of the reasons for insomnia. Additionally, this
    stimulation can improve the libido which is typically contradicted
    by the more calming Lexapro. The most libido exasperating drug
    in my opinion, is Prosac. It is a very good and very old anti-d, but
    with any good drug comes the sides. A Psychiatrist will be more
    qualified to administer a regime that is best tailored to your needs.

    Are Anti-Depressants Addictive?
    Anti-Depressants are non-addictive. Anyone that tells you otherwise
    is wrong. If someone could possibly develop addiction, it would be
    mental. The side effects generated from coming off the drug are
    not a result of addiction, but rather a change in the brain chemistry
    and lowering of seratonin levels to what they once were. Two or more
    of the following symptoms develop within 1 to 10 days of discontinuation
    (except for fluoxetine in which case the symptoms must develop within 28
    days because the half life is longer):

    (a) dizziness or light headedness
    (b) nausea and/or vomiting
    (c) headaches
    (d) lethargy
    (e) anxiety and/or agitation
    (f) tingling (parasthesias), numbness or
    "electric" shock-like sensations in the head or limbs
    (g) tremors
    (h) sweating
    (i) insomnia
    (j) irritability
    (k) vertigo (dizziness)
    (l) diarrhea

    AAS and Anti-Depressants

    Searching around on the net, I did not find many articles related
    to AAS and depression specifically. Here I will attempt to explain
    how anti-depressants can or can not affect depression with AAS.

    PCT Depression
    PCT is 100% necessary by all means. There are caveats and inevitable
    that go along with it though. I get tons of PM's asking about depression,
    PCT and numerous other things related to depression. The most common
    question is "Can I use anti-depressants during PCT?" Well, the answer
    here is "yes". You can use them any time you want! The RIGHT answer,
    given you have not been examined by a psychiatrist, is NO! AD's can be
    used for situational depression, but I would NOT recommend starting AD's
    in an attempt to prevent depression that may accompany PCT (Post Cycle
    Therapy). The reason I say this is because the depression that you
    experience is acute, situational and short lived. Anti-depressants are
    typically used for long term treatment and situational depression brought
    on by a traumatic event, etc. In my personal experience, AD's do NOT help
    with depression associated with PCT and cycling in general. In my opinion,
    I do not think AD's make a noticeable difference or difference at all for
    depression associated with PCT. I began PCT and crashed from the cycle
    while I was taking anti-depressants. There were some other factors involved,
    but the point is that they did not help. Beginning AD's while on cycle is not
    advised. While on AAS, I along with many others, feel really good physically,
    mentally, sexually and performance wise. Why screw with that in anticipation
    of PCT depression?

    There is a head change that occurs when starting and when stopping
    anti-depressants. It's neither good nor bad, but none the less a very
    strange feeling that is created by the chemical changes within the brain
    and the introduction of more seratonin. It tends to give me more of an
    introverted feeling at first. Then, the effect goes away. I believe there
    may be potential for lowering your libido if using a calming anti-d even
    during your cycle in which testosterone levels are at their highest.

    Other info
    Anti-Depressants are not 17aa drugs so liver damage is not apparent
    in users. Drinking with anti-depressants is not advisable what so ever.
    Basically, you are contradicting the affects that the anti-depressant
    drug are used for; i.e. anti-depressants are used to eliminate depression,
    alcohol is a depressant.

    Some AD's are subject to causing seizures if used in conjunction
    with alcohol. Although the statistics are slim for an occurrence of a
    seizure, the user must be made aware. There are drugs available to
    the general public, by prescription and of course underground labs,
    that can counter the libido affects caused by the anti-d's. Although
    those drugs do not really increase libido, they can increase longevity
    and performance which can inevitably lead to more pleasure that some
    may consider an increase in libido. If libido is a strong consideration
    for you, as most it is, then discuss ways to get around the symptom
    with your doctor or explore an alternative medication.

    Good luck and good training!

    Note: I am not a doctor nor do I condone anything I have said in
    this article. I am only speaking from fact, personal opinion and
    experience. See a qualified Physician before trying ANY depression
    medication as it could be life threatening if not under supervision.
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    Great post bro...

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    NIce post Bro - good read - extremely informative

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    A lot of depression is linked to hormonal imbalances; too much E and not enough T. I actually looked into anti-depressants at one time, but I never get depressed anymore now that I know how to keep my hormones in check. TRT is the anti-depressant of the future.

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    Getting madcow treatments
    Awesome going to use this in next pct..

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    good post. was looking for this kinda thing.

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    Very informative! Thanks bro


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    Great find bro!

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