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    Nolvadex with Depo Test and hGH

    I need to know if taking half a tab of Nolvadex with 100mg of depo test, 8iu per week of hGH will cause my gains to be lowered?

    I am not having gyno signs now but I am worried that I could get gyno since on androgel my nips got sensitive.

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    good question - i dont know the answer to this one so this is a bump!

    as i understand it using nolva can knock back some of your gains during a cycle, but half a tab is not much, and im not at all sure if the nolva will have anything to do with the gh anyway.

    keep this bumped

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    Nolvadex in a competetive inhibator of estrogen...simply put, it competes for the estrogen recepter site...Now, Armidex and Femara are non-competitive inhabitors...they shut down aromatizing estrogen...PERIOD!!

    8iu's of GH per week...??? Meaning around 1.5iu's per day...seems a bit low my friend, but you know your body best....

    I personally would wait until the signs of gyno begin, then start the Nolva or for cutting into gains...Nolva/Armidex/Femara will surpress IGF-! production to a certain degree...Nolva being the highest, and Femara being thwe for anti-estro's...Femara is my personal choice of the three....My opinion though....


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